Dr. Tiziana Conese Bond

Center of Micro-Nano Technology,

                   Electronics Engineering Technologies Division, LLNL


Tiziana Conese Bond joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1999 as a staff engineer in EETD/MNTC where she has been involved in photonic devices/circuits for applications in optical secure communications, (ultrafast) signal processing, radiation and bio-chem sensors, employing linear and nonlinear materials, i.e. dielectrics and III-V  semiconductors,.  She is currently leading the development of an integrated photonic platform for the intelligence community to be employed in all optical encryption (decryption) circuits.  Her background is in theoretical and computational electro-magnetic modeling, optical propagation and photonic device design for Photonic Integrated Circuits.  She received her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic_University of Bari, Italy, in 1995 with her thesis on Vectorial Finite Element codes development for Frequency-Domain analysis and design of photonic devices. Prior to joining LLNL, she had Postdoctoral positions at the University of Florida, Gainesville, (Prof. Ramaswamy, 1996) working on  the design, fabrication and testing of Si–on-LiNbO­3 Bragg Reflectors for Dense Wavelength Demultiplexing, and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (Profs. Verber and Kenan, 1997-1998) ,  where she focused on all-optical logic gates for optical communications and the development, synthesis of highly nonlinear polymer films.
Contact Information: bond7@llnl.gov; Phone: (925) 423 2205; Fax: (925) 423 7085.