FTTx - Next Generation Broadband Access

Dr. Yoon Kim and Dr. Wayne Sorin ,
Novera Optics, Inc.

This talk will cover some of the approaches being considered for providing the next generation of broadband access based on Fiber-To-The-x concept.  Data rates to each home will range from 20 to 100 Mbps, increasing speeds by more than a factor of 10.  One of the major drivers for these higher data rates will be the delivery of digital video.  Several approaches have been proposed and are in the early stages of deployment.  A brief overview will be given on approaches such as AON (active optical networks) and TDM-PON (time domain multiplexed passive optical networks) such as BPON, EPON and GPON.  A more thorough discussion will be presented on the technology and the status of WDM-PON (wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks), newly developed for higher bandwidth and future proof access networks.