Spring Semester, 2005,

Fridays 11-12

Hogan Room (521 Cory)

Hosted by Prof. Ming Wu and Prof. Connie Chang-Hasnain





Jan. 28

Dr. Ivan Kaminow

UC Berkeley

Growth of the Glorious Internet: Technology, Economics & Society



Feb. 4

Dr. Long Yang

MicroDisplay Corporation, San Pablo , CA

Introduction of Liquid crystal-on-Silicon
display for projection TV

Feb. 11

Dr. David Leuenberger

UC Berkeley

Photonic Crystals in Integrated Optics: the Bumpy Way towards Optical Circuits



Feb. 18

Dr. Peter Seitz
Swissnex &
Univ. Neuchatel, Switzerland

Smart Pixels for Novel Optical Imaging Techniques


Feb. 25

Dr. Christopher Lin

Virtually Imaged Phased Array (VIPA): Operation and Applications


Mar. 4

Dr. Kerry Vahala

Q>100 million microresonators on silicon chips and application to micro-Raman and -OPO sources, and new opto-mechanical RF oscillators

Mar. 11


No seminar

Mar. 18

Dr. Yan Sun


Optical amplifier dynamics and its applications for WDM optical networks


Mar. 25

Spring Break

No seminar

Apr. 1

Prof. Olav Solgaard Stanford University

Photonic Crystals and MEMS for Wavelength Control in Optical Communication

Apr. 8

Prof. Ehud Isacoff

UC Berkeley

Bioelectricity under optical detection and manipulation: optical probes on ion channel proteins

Apr. 11

Dr. Alferov History of Semiconductor Heterostructures

Special schedule: 3 - 4:30 p.m. in Hogan room (521 Cory)

Apr. 15

Dr. Alferov

Scientists of Ioffe Institute

Apr. 22

Dr. Mario Paniccia


Silicon Photonics Research  : Opportunity, applications &   Recent Results


Apr. 29

Wendy Xiaoxue Zhao
Mike Huang

BSAC, UC Berkeley

Talk 1: Optical Injection Locking on VCSELs

Talk 2: Highly Reflective and Ultra Broadband Mirror Using Sub-Wavelength Grating (SWG)

May 6

Dr. Waguih Ishak


“The Society of the Future”
“The Mega Trends of the 21st Century and their Implications on the Global Research Community”

May 13

Rescheduled to Fall 2005

Prof. Michal Lipson

Cornell University

Manipulating Light on a Si chip

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